“I’m so grateful for your pr…if each of us could help others in the ways you help me, this world would rock big time.” Bradford Glass, Life Coach, The Road Not Taken

Arianna MC“I would highly recommend Arianna as the coordinator of any project that requires a passionate and visionary leader.” Emily Rowe, Operations Coordinator, Center for Northern Woodlands Education

“She is a can-do person and the one you want to have on your organizing team.” Coleen O’Connell, Lesley University

“Arianna has been an invaluable asset to our planning process for the Revisioning Sustainability Conference. She is an incredibly capable, resourceful, and enthusiastic worker. She supported our team with fundraising and budget management, crunching numbers and training staff to solicit sponsors. She also served as a sounding board, providing guidance and support in conference management, and was able to draw from her diverse skill set to fill in gaps for our planning team when needed. Arianna has a true passion for her work, bringing excitement and energy to everything she does, and I’ve been so grateful to have her as a resource.” Meg Little, UMass Auxiliary Enterprises

“You are the BEST community resource person!”  Emilie Hamilton

“Arianna has been promoting my company and has been particularly effective in exploring so many avenues of outreach: local and regional newspapers, interest groups, the internet, public meetings and so on. I am very pleased that she has provided so much support and endorsement for my activities.” Tom Leue, Homestead, Inc.

“We really enjoyed working with Arianna, she was very thorough and paid good attention to details and really worked hard to coordinate her work with that of our staff. She did a great job recruiting sponsors for our event, including many new organizations and businesses.” Andrew Fisk, Executive Director, Connecticut River Watershed Council

NEEEA Conference Closing Circle

NEEEA Conference Closing Circle

“Arianna brought a wealth of professional knowledge and connections with her…and her excellent interpersonal skills were critical to this position.  Our conference was considered a success by the Conference Committee, NEEEA Board, and many of our colleagues who attended… Arianna was delightful to work with, and our conference would not have been the same without her.” Cynthia Menard, Owner, Withywindle Nature Programs

“Arianna was an amazing co-chair and fundraiser for the Conference of the New England Environmental Education Alliance!” Drew Dumsch, Executive Director, Ferry Beach Ecology School

“Arianna has demonstrated a high level of professionalism as well as the ability to work with diverse stakeholders groups…” Edgar Alejandro, Economic & Community Development Manager, Western Massachusetts Electric Company

“Arianna is talented at bringing order and beauty to any environment, and impeccable in maintaining organization in all aspects of her work…” Susan Reyes, Science and Sustainability Educator

“Arianna is a dedicated and conscientious worker who is creative, flexible and enjoys enhancing the work. She learns quickly and is able and willing to assist, to take on a multitude of tasks and to see projects through to the end. She has a vivacious and personable spirit that makes it easy and fun to work together. Arianna’s presence and promotion of our organization is an asset and a blessing.” Satyena Ananda, Director, Starseed Healing Sanctuary

It’s so refreshing to see a really professional job.  Kudos to Arianna!” Sally Sanford, monthly Starseed e-news reader and graphics designer

JSS Championship 2008 AAG Presenting Awards by ClayTurnbull sm“Arianna  was always approachable, easy to communicate with, and a true pleasure to work with… she has been a strong collaborator, working with other organizations to build partnerships that improved the JSS program…Probably most impressive is how Arianna strived to be a responsible steward of tax-payer dollars. She routinely identified way to save money, enlisted the support of volunteers, and partnered with local donors to reduce program operational costs.” Ashley Wade, Youth Science Program Manager, US Army Research Office

 “I recommend her highly as an energetic program director, and as someone who identifies and pursues win-win partnerships. [Additionally} Arianna did such a terrific job with cross-promotion that the (Educators’ Summit) event over subscribed… Evaluations of the event were stellar…” Jennifer Marrapese, Executive Director, Northeast Sustainable Energy Association   

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