Arianna Alexsandra Collins, Promotion & Networking Consultant / Event Planner
Putting great ideas to work in the world!

Allow me to be your catalyst in helping you become more visible in the world by Arianna in Glastonbury CT (1)abstrengthening your networks and connecting you with the right people, groups and resources. One of my greatest strengths is being an enthusiastic and gifted networker; through this talent I am able to nurture mutually beneficial collaborations and promote the great works of organizations and businesses. Additionally, I hold the vision while taking care of the small details to create customized, beautiful experiences, inspiring messages and well thought-out, effective systems.

The types of work I can perform to help you build your network and strengthen your visibility in the communities you serve include:

  • Promotion and Public Relations
  • Networking and Strategic Collaborations for individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations
  • Event Planning: conferences, concerts, retreats, green weddings, and other special events
  • Organizational Development and Enhancement
  • Publications Design and Lay-out
  • Writing: articles, promotional pieces, brochures

Other work I offer for community building and resiliency:

  • Project/Program Coordination for businesses and organizations
  • Group Facilitation
  • Curriculum Design for environmental and community education
  • Fundraising and sponsorship coordination

It is my mission to add value in all that I do and I do this with ingenuity, mirth, and an effervescent spirit to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

About Arianna Alexsandra Collins:

Arianna holds an MS in Environmental Administration from Antioch New England Graduate School. She has a knack for event planning, having orchestrated events and conferences since she was a teen. One of her greatest strengths is being an enthusiastic and gifted networker and through this talent her capabilities in promotion and helping others shine manifests. She has over decade experience in project/program management and coordination, outreach, and organizational development and enhancement and over 20 years teaching and curriculum development experience in environmental and community education.

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