Working with Others

waggleDance Reededu

Honeybees waggle dancing to show direction of food source.

How do you want your business to run?

Like a well-oiled machine or a hive of honeybees? The beehive is the model, the original. Workers are trained in their job. They are clear on the expectations. As they get older they gain new skills and perform new tasks. They work for the betterment of the hive. And they love to dance!

Enliven your workers with sweetness.

Ask yourself and your employees:

  • What are you good at?
  • What are you proud of in your job?
  • What tasks bring you joy and/or a sense of accomplishment?

Here’s the thing – all jobs matter; otherwise why have them in place? Whether you clean the toilets, enter the data, teach the students, design the circuitry, oversee the floor, supervise the staff, make executive decisions, schedule the delivery, make the beds  – all positions have a purpose. All have identifiable goals and actions. It is like the beehive. You have job; perform it to the best of your ability and for the greater good of the community. Do your job with pride.

Yes, life can be messy. But tell true, if a substance were to fall on you, wouldn’t you rather it be sweet honey instead of used oil?honeycomb dripping by weavinggrace

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