How to Become More Visible: Hint, it is not just about Marketing

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Most of us are not trying to cater to the whole world. Really, it is just too big. We each just want to fit into our own special niche and be seen by our perspective clients. So how do we become more visible to those we do want to cater to? To whom are we seeking to serve? Sometimes it can feel downright complicated figuring out exactly who our target audience is and how to reach them.

And isn’t there some special formula for this? Or does it just feel like hit or miss?

It is important to connect with the right people; the people who want to hear your message; the people who will try your product or service. Well, how do you do that?

Connection Connection Connection!

More than just marketing, it really is about making a connection – a good, strong, sustaining connection. Connections create your network. And when you are networking – working your network – it is not just you looking out for you – it’s also your “peeps” looking out for you.

Yes maintaining a social media presence is definitely helpful; these mediums can help get you found. As can a well placed ad. Still, you need to learn which venues will reach your potential clients. So start by deepening your current connections. These are theConnection people who already know and love you for exactly what you do and provide. By engaging with them in meaningful ways, i.e. talking with them and maintaining a rapport – you create “raving fans”; people who want to share the good news about what you offer.

Word-of-mouth still rules*

People tend to choose those DBAs and companies they hear about from friends and colleagues whose judgment they trust. Build your reputation in your area of expertise within your network. This in turn helps to expand your network. You do not have to be on all social media channels – your raving fans do that for you. You just need to ascertain where the majority of buzz about you is going on and be sure to be a presence there.

And remember to ask for testimonials! Ask your clients what they appreciate about your work. Then post those testimonials on your website. Ask your clients to post their testimonials about you on the social media channels you share in common. This way, when folks take your card and look you up, they will be able read all about the greatness of YOU!

On being a “raving fan”John Foster at NEEEA Conference 2011

For me personally I thrive on seeing how the connections work. I love making connections that help others shine. Perhaps it’s the crow in me ~ Crows love shiny things. And it gives me great satisfaction to see others shine and to know I was able to make them more visible to the right people, groups and resources.

You know who your raving fans are; they are the individuals who freely share with others about what you do. Thank them. Tell them you notice and appreciate them for sharing your work. These are the people who will help you become more visible and grow your network; connecting you to the right people, groups, and resources.

*According to a Forrester Report, “80% of consumers trust WOM recommendations more than any other source.” & According to a McKinsey report, “2/3 of the US economy is influenced by WOM.” 

Working with Others

waggleDance Reededu

Honeybees waggle dancing to show direction of food source.

How do you want your business to run?

Like a well-oiled machine or a hive of honeybees? The beehive is the model, the original. Workers are trained in their job. They are clear on the expectations. As they get older they gain new skills and perform new tasks. They work for the betterment of the hive. And they love to dance!

Enliven your workers with sweetness.

Ask yourself and your employees:

  • What are you good at?
  • What are you proud of in your job?
  • What tasks bring you joy and/or a sense of accomplishment?

Here’s the thing – all jobs matter; otherwise why have them in place? Whether you clean the toilets, enter the data, teach the students, design the circuitry, oversee the floor, supervise the staff, make executive decisions, schedule the delivery, make the beds  – all positions have a purpose. All have identifiable goals and actions. It is like the beehive. You have job; perform it to the best of your ability and for the greater good of the community. Do your job with pride.

Yes, life can be messy. But tell true, if a substance were to fall on you, wouldn’t you rather it be sweet honey instead of used oil?honeycomb dripping by weavinggrace