Wild Edibles

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Welcome to my offerings of wild edibles!

Have you been asking yourself, “What plants, that are nutritious and good tasting, can I eat, that are in my yard?”

I am here to help you answer that question. In addition to providing wild edibles walks and lunches for small groups, I also conduct personal inventories on homeowner’s properties. Together we will walk your land and identify greens, flowers, fruits, nuts, tubers, and mushrooms that you can eat – all growing right on your property. You might be surprised at the abundance of wild foods in your yard. Inventories can be conducted in spring, summer, and fall so that you can learn what you can eat on your land and in what season.

I also offer preparation tips and recipes on wild foods. Wild meals preparation classes from what we harvest is also an option.

Contact me for more details and to schedule your inventory. 413-628-1773 or offeringsbyarianna@gmail.com.

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