Wild Edibles

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Welcome to my offerings of wild edibles!

Have you been asking yourself, “What plants, that are nutritious and good tasting, can I eat, that are in my yard?”

I am here to help you answer that question. In addition to providing wild edibles walks and lunches for small groups, I also conduct personal inventories on homeowner’s properties. Together we will walk your land and identify greens, flowers, fruits, nuts, tubers, and mushrooms that you can eat – all growing right on your property. You might be surprised at the abundance of wild foods in your yard. Inventories can be conducted in spring, summer, and fall so that you can learn what you can eat on your land and in what season.

I also offer preparation tips and recipes on wild foods. Wild meals preparation classes from what we harvest is also an option.

Contact me for more details and to schedule your inventory. 413-628-1773 or offeringsbyarianna@gmail.com.

What I do: I help connect people to the Land, especially the Land they live on. I help people identify wild edibles so that each person can get to know what plants live on their land, gain understanding about the habitat they are in, what plants grow in what season and how to prepare those plants to incorporate into their meals, and so that humans can connect with their Land on a deeper level.

Why does this work matter? By learning more about the environment of which you are a part of, you gain an appreciation, not just for how you fit into the landscape, but also how to better take care of yourself and your loved ones within the Land you live on. You access skills to becoming more adept at identifying plants you can eat and how to prepare them for consumption. You become more self-sufficient in food access while also recognizing your interdependence with the environment upon which you depend.

What becomes possible by participating in this work: By taking the time to learn more about wild edibles on your own property, you start to recognize those plants in other locations. You learn more about what conditions they prefer, what season they thrive in, and what animals also like their taste. When you learn more about wild edibles, you gain confidence in knowing how to responsibly maintain and cultivate these plants while opening a space to gain a deeper sense of place and belonging – an understanding of how people fit into the environment. If more of us perceived the connections we have with the Land we live on, we gain insight into how we can make positive impacts on the environment.

Rates and Packages:

  • Causal Walk-About: approximately 1hr together walking your land identifying wild edibles = $80
  • Basic Land Inventory: 15 minutes scouting +1hr together + quick report on top wild edibles found = $140
  • In-depth Inventory: 1/2hr scouting + 2hr together + report on all wild edibles found = $280
  • 3-Seasons Package: scouting + 1.5-2hrs together + report each season on all wild edibles found + seasonal recipes = $840
  • Meal Preparation: together prepare a meal using harvested wild edibles = $80 and up depending on prep time and number of courses. Note: Video consultations available during covid.
  • Energetic Land Engagement: tailored blessings and ceremonies to more deeply connect with your land according to your spiritual leanings = $80 (approximately 1hr consultation or session)
  • Workshop: this option is available to schools and non-profits. Registration is capped at 16 people = $150 per hour with 1 and 2 hour options available.

From a postage-stamp property to your 100 acre sanctuary, I am here to help you gain greater food access right at home. Barter and sliding scale available. Mileage charges apply for those outside Western MA.

What people are saying about this work:
“I have had the supreme and sublime honor of accompanying Arianna on several educational walks during which she identified wild edible and medicinal plants — known to most of us uninitiated folk as “weeds.” Arianna’s knowledge, warmth and generosity are without bounds. When I joined other wild food enthusiasts for rambles at her home, I was thrilled to attend feasts comprised almost exclusively of cooked and raw wild plants. The meals were beautiful representations of Arianna’s skill, passion and hard work — it’s real labor to gather all the berries, leaves and flowers required to feed ten or more people! The soup, salads, quiches, stirfrys, pestos, wine and teas were amazing. Because of Arianna’s teaching, just yesterday, I gathered the delicious purslane (formerly known to me as an ugly, and unwanted gnarly weed) growing on my property and then added it to lettuce for a lovely mixed wild and cultivated salad. The feeling of eating food that is clean, ancient, fresh and wild is indescribably moving in a deeply embodied and soulful way. I feel connected to my ancestors and the earth in a manner that was completely unfamiliar and at the same time profoundly familiar. I am grateful to Arianna for these great and important experiences and I look forward to learning much more from her.” Valerie Joseph, Ph.D., AEMES Mentoring Coordinator, Smith College, July 2018

“I have known Arianna since 2017 when I started taking her wild edibles workshops through the Ashfield Rod & Gun Club. I find Arianna to be personable and welcoming. She is skilled and knowledgeable in wild edibles and presents her material in a friendly, generous way. She goes over plant identification and habitat and the season in which parts of the plant are edible. Then she presents participants with a feast and goes over ingredients and preparation. I recommend her as naturalist instructor.” Jeff Prost, Architectural Engineer / Draftsman, Marois Construction Co., July 2020

“If you want to learn about wild edibles Arianna Collins can help you out. Being an outdoor person and hunter all my life it only made since to learn about what nature provides . Her courses were fun and practical and added to my enjoyment of the outdoors. She is a very good communicator and knows her material.” Jack, Shea, Director Eaglebrook Mt Club (retired), Head Alpine Coach (retired) July 2020

“I wanted to thank the library so much for working with Arianna to make the edibles event happen. It was DELIGHTFUL in a way I couldn’t have even anticipated. So enjoyed it— thanks so much!!” participant, July 2022 summer Wild Edibles Walk-About & Mm-m-Good Meal

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