Community Building – The Work I Do

Offerings for Community Building – What’s in a name?

HandsI love the word offerings. The image conjured up is two hands, palms up and open, in willingness and ability to give and receive. And purpose behind those offerings, is that, in all that I do, I want to help build community. I want to network people together. What give me the most joy and satisfaction include activities that support community-building; connecting people to people, people to resources, and groups to other groups. Yes I am a networker! Just call me Arachne! Like the woman who became the spider, I see the threads of a great web and I want to help people along those threads so that they can be better connected to whom and what they need to be connected to.

What is the significance of the crow and the water pitcher? Why that for a logo?

Crow & Water Pitcher World Logo darkerThe Crow and the Water Pitcher is a famous Aesop Fable. A very thirsty crow sees a water pitcher on the ground. It must have been abandoned by those silly humans. Being quite the intelligent being that she is she has a looksee and aha, there is water in the pitcher. But her beak can’t reach all the way down to where the water level is. Hmm. What to do? How to get at the water? An idea strikes her. She picks up a pebble and puts in the pitcher. Not much happens. She puts in another and another. The water rises just a little bit as each pebble displaces the water. She looks for more pebbles and continues to put them in the pitcher. The water continues to rise as more pebbles are put into the pitcher. The crow continues to test to see if she can reach the water. Almost. More pebbles and then more testing. Soon, the water is where she can reach it with her beak and she drinks her fill. Ahhh, happy crow. Moral of the story: “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

So, as the crow, let me take your great ideas – your nuggets, your pebbles – and put them to work in the world – the pitcher – so that you can manifest your dreams and drink your fill.

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