Business Maximization

Welcome to my offerings in business maximization!

I am here to support you as an organizational coach, business promoter, and event planner to ensure your happy success.

I love inspiring others to open fully to their own passions and potential and seeing a difference in my clients that creates a chain reaction for the people they work with.

What I do: I listen for your authentic voice and what matters most to you in your work. I serve as your cheerleader in playing to your strengths while troubleshooting those activities you struggle with to ensure the most favorable outcome for shining a light on you and your business. Additionally, I lead you to strategic, generative connections to other people, groups, and resources to help you maximize your impact.

Why does this work matter? Having a support system is vital to any successful venture or project. Allow me to contribute to your effectiveness by lending an ear and lending a hand.

What becomes possible by participating in this work: By serving as your sounding board, strategizer, and cheerleader I provide an effervescence that “bubbles you up” so you can gain clarity and momentum in achieving your goals and fulfilling your purpose.

Types of offerings:

  • Business Maximizer: serve as a soundboard and provide counsel in SWOT, promotion, networking, programming, and social media to help businesses shine and gain visibility and clients.
  • Event Planner: proficient in creating, organizing, budgeting, and securing sponsors, advertisers, and local vendors, producing well-attended, meaningful experiences. Conferences, retreats, green weddings
  • Public Relations & Publications Designer: design, content, editing of e-newsletters to ensure quality.
  • Writer: Write natural science, natural history, and community enrichment articles to raise awareness.

New Summer Rates and Packages:

  • Business Maximizer Consultation: $60 per hour; remote via video
  • Business Maximizer Weekly Sessions Commitment: $40 per hour; remote via video; 8 week commitment
  • Social Media PR & e-Publications Editor/Designer: $30 per hour; client provides majority of content.
  • Writer: $150 for 750-800 words; $300 1200-1500 words
  • Event Planner: contact me to discuss your dream and pricing options

Note: Where billing is hourly, work is logged by every quarter of the hour.

Contact me for more information and to schedule a session: 413-628-1773 or

What people are saying about this work

“Arianna is an amazing sounding board and idea translator. She’s helped untangle several projects I have been working on so that they are more logical and understandable. Her and her breadth of insight about education and communication is remarkable and I appreciate her kinship with nature and spirituality as well.This combination of her interests and skills really resonates with me— it’s as if we speak a common language, and that has made moving forward with my ideas and projects fun, easy and actionable.” Erica Wheeler, Speaker, Songwriter, Interpretive Trainer and Creative Mentor,

“I’m so grateful for your pr…if each of us could help others in the ways you help me, this world would rock big time.” Bradford Glass, Life Coach, The Road Not Taken

“You are the BEST community resource person!”  Emilie Hamilton

“I would highly recommend Arianna as the coordinator of any project that requires a passionate and visionary leader.” Emily Rowe, Operations Coordinator, Center for Northern Woodlands Education

“She is a can-do person and the one you want to have on your organizing team.” Coleen O’Connell, Lesley University

“Arianna has been an invaluable asset to our planning process for the Revisioning Sustainability Conference. She is an incredibly capable, resourceful, and enthusiastic worker. She supported our team with fundraising and budget management, crunching numbers and training staff to solicit sponsors. She also served as a sounding board, providing guidance and support in conference management, and was able to draw from her diverse skill set to fill in gaps for our planning team when needed. Arianna has a true passion for her work, bringing excitement and energy to everything she does, and I’ve been so grateful to have her as a resource.” Meg Little, UMass Auxiliary Enterprises

“Arianna has been promoting my company and has been particularly effective in exploring so many avenues of outreach: local and regional newspapers, interest groups, the internet, public meetings and so on. I am very pleased that she has provided so much support and endorsement for my activities.” Tom Leue, Homestead, Inc.

“We really enjoyed working with Arianna, she was very thorough and paid good attention to details and really worked hard to coordinate her work with that of our staff. She did a great job recruiting sponsors for our event, including many new organizations and businesses.” Andrew Fisk, Executive Director, Connecticut River Watershed Council

“Arianna brought a wealth of professional knowledge and connections with her…and her excellent interpersonal skills were critical to this position.  Our conference was considered a success by the Conference Committee, NEEEA Board, and many of our colleagues who attended… Arianna was delightful to work with, and our conference would not have been the same without her.” Cynthia Menard, Owner, Withywindle Nature Programs

“Arianna is a dedicated and conscientious worker who is creative, flexible and enjoys enhancing the work. She learns quickly and is able and willing to assist, to take on a multitude of tasks and to see projects through to the end. She has a vivacious and personable spirit that makes it easy and fun to work together. Arianna’s presence and promotion of our organization is an asset and a blessing.” Satyena Ananda, Director, Starseed Healing Sanctuary

“Arianna is talented at bringing order and beauty to any environment, and impeccable in maintaining organization in all aspects of her work…” Susan Reyes, Science and Sustainability Educator